Summer Men's Softball leagues forming Softball

Posted Sun, Jun 29 by Doug from Honolulu, HI in Leagues to Join / 8 replies

  • League Profile: South Shore Softball

    summer men's leagues now forming Monday/Tuesday nights at Crane Park
    Thursday/Friday nights at Wilson park

    teams also available for free agents, depending on skill levels and experience
  • Evan replied Mon, Jul 14

    Hi Doug I'm interested in the summer leagues. I am a free agent, how do I get involved?
  • Quintez replied Wed, Jul 22

    Hi Doug I'm interested in joining any league how do I get involved
  • James replied Sun, Aug 16

    also interested, let me know.
  • Doug replied Tue, Aug 25

    yea if you are a free agent looking for a team or have a team looking for a league
    contact me for more info
  • George replied Wed, Sep 2

    Hello Doug, I am a free agent, just moved here and I am looking for a team to be a part of. I appreciate any help you could offer me. Thanks, Alex Morris
  • Jeradiah replied Thu, Oct 13

    Looking to play ball hit me up. I had a team in the states but I had to come here for work let me know if you have an opening !!
  • Justin replied Thu, Jan 11

    Hello Doug, I have been on island almost a year and have been looking for a team to play on, I played in Italy the last three years and florida the years before that. If you have any spots open or know of anyone with spots open, you can hit me up. thank you
  • Jeradiah replied Sun, Jan 28

    Hey Iā??m back on island and looking for a mens team to get on Iā??ve coached for ten years or so. Left Seattle for work here. Hit me up if you know of a team 4252802662 thx
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