Posted Sat, Aug 27 by Nicole from Honolulu, HI in Leagues to Join / 14 replies

  • Nicole's Softball league needs players on Thu, Sep 1

    Hello Sportsvite homies.

    I played a few years back, and now I am back with an entire team ready for action.

    Not sure how to arrange, but we play every Monday night, and are prepared to play against actual teams.

    Please please let us know!!!!!!!
  • travis replied Sat, Aug 27

    whats the status of this?
  • Tasha replied Sun, Aug 28

    Hey hit me up by email I'm on a team and there's a tournament this memorial day weekend after which our pealy harbor season starts
  • Nicole replied Tue, Aug 30

    Tasha, are you emailing me?
    Status of post is active!
    Would love to get our team playing in a league, or just have a handful of our members join another team.
  • Porscha replied Wed, Aug 31

    I'd like to play, please direct me to the nearest available team!
  • Luis replied Sat, Sep 3

    If you need a player, i would love to play. Been here for about a month and want to start playing again. Use to play about 5, 6 days a week back on the mainland. And in tournaments, so if you need a player or know of anyone that does please contact me, thank you hope to hear from you soon.
  • Ashley replied Mon, Sep 5

    if you need an extra player id love to start back!
  • Morgan replied Wed, Sep 28

    My partner and I really wanna get back to playing! Reallly excited about it!! If anyone has room on a co-ed team please let me know!!!!
  • Morgan replied Wed, Sep 28

    New to this website and not exactly sure how it works.. Do i just check back here to see or can u e mail me?? If so email is roberttappy@rocketmail.com Please let me know!!!! Thanks :)
  • Leisha Ann replied Fri, Dec 2

    What's the status on this ?
  • Jeradiah replied Sat, Oct 15

    Looking for a team to play on. If you need a player let me know
  • Rony replied Sat, Dec 31

    Im looking to join a team, let me know if still available...ronrathod@gmail.com
  • Tray replied Thu, Feb 9

    Looking for a team to play on. Arlindajohns@gmail.com
  • Charlotte replied Tue, Sep 12

    Hi there. I'm looking to join a softball team if you need an extra player or know of a team that needs one. I just moved here from Cali, and miss playing. I played women's, and co-ed tournaments and leagues.
  • Rony replied Wed, Sep 13

    Been waiting since last DEC...have not heard anything yet. Maybe all of us should make our own team!
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