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Posted Tue, Jan 31 by Jason from Honolulu, HI in Teams and Groups / 36 replies

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    I'm a coach for an adult coed softball team in town and are looking for some new people. We are a pretty laid back team and the league is not super competitive, but still very fun. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the info. Thanks!

  • Tray replied Thu, Feb 9

    I am a pitcher, I can play any position except shortstop because I hate playing shortstop
  • Jason replied Thu, Feb 9

    We'd love to have you out. Our next game is Tues 2/21 at 8pm at Cartwright field. Here's my number 808-224-2731. Let me know if you can make it and if you like the team/league, it'll be great to have you on the team.
  • Noelle replied Tue, Feb 21

    When do your seasons usually start? And end?
  • Jason replied Wed, Feb 22

    Hi Noelle, the season just started and goes until the beginning of June. Our next game is on Thursday 3/2 at 8pm at Kamamalu field. Come check out the team, and if you like us we'd love to have you. Let me know, thanks!
  • Ashley replied Sat, Feb 25

    Hey me and my bf and another friend are interested! Is there a registration fee or anything?
  • Jason replied Sat, Feb 25

    Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply. The league fee is only $25 per person. Our next game is on Thursday at 8pm at Kamamalu Field. Do you think you'll be able to come out and see if you like the team?
  • Brittany replied Thu, Mar 2

    Hi I'm looking for more information on how to join the team! I've played softball for years and I'm just looking to get back into the game!
  • Jason replied Fri, Mar 3

    Hi Brittany, it's very easy to join. I'd like you to come out and checkout the team. If you like it, then we'd love to have you. If not, no hard feelings either. The league fee is $25 and if you would like a jersey it runs about $25 too. Our next game is next week Tuesday at 7pm at Cartwright Field. Would you be able to make it?
  • Brittany replied Sat, Mar 4

    Yeahh I would defiantly be able to make it!
  • Filipp replied Sat, Mar 4

    Hi are al games/practices in honolulu? I live north shore..
  • Jason replied Sun, Mar 5

    Hi Filipp, yes all of our games are in town at either 7 or 8pm at Cartwright or Kamamalu field. No practices, this is more of a recreational/beer league.
  • Derek replied Tue, Mar 7

    If youre still in need of anymore players id be happy to come out. Middle infield and outfield is what ive played the most.
  • Jason replied Tue, Mar 7

    Hi Derek, of course we would love to have you out. Our next game is tonight at 7 at Cartwright field. Let me know if you can come out. Thanks!
  • Austin replied Wed, Mar 8

    I just moved on Island and am looking to join a team I play SS or 3rd.
  • Jason replied Wed, Mar 8

    Hi Austin, we'd love to have you out. Our games are normally Tues or Thurs evenings either 7 or 8pm. Our next game is next week Thursday at 7 at Kamamalu field. Do you think you'll be able to make it to check out the team?
  • Austin replied Thu, Mar 9

  • Jason replied Fri, Mar 10

    Hanks Austin, I look forward to meeting you!
  • Jordan replied Sun, Apr 23

    I just moved to the island and would love to join a team
  • Jason replied Sun, Apr 23

    Our next game is Thursday night at 7 at Kamamalu field. Would you be able to make it and check out the team?
  • Jordan replied Sun, Apr 23

    definitely see you then
  • Chase replied Tue, Apr 25

    Aloha, Just wondering if you still needed a male player? i play every sunday and tuesday. have experience. please lmk mahalo
  • Jason replied Tue, Apr 25

    We're always looking for new people. Our games usually are Tuesday or Thursday evening. Our next game is Thursday at Kamamalu at 7 if you want to check out the team. Let me know if you can make it.
  • Brittany replied Tue, Apr 25

    Hi Jason! I'm going to come out to the game on thursday! Should I bring my glove or do you want me to just meet the team first?
  • Jason replied Wed, Apr 26

    Bring your stuff! By playing that will help you get to know the league rules too. I'll go over those with you before game time though. Looking forward to meeting you!
  • Chase replied Wed, Apr 26

    is kamamalu park the one by the ymca?
  • Jason replied Wed, Apr 26

    Yes, by the Pali YMCA.
  • Jordan replied Thu, Apr 27

    I'm here not sure which team in just standing here lol
  • Derek replied Mon, May 1

    If u need any more players id be happy to join. Middle infield and are my usual positions. Just let me know. 8084994109
  • Rico replied Sat, Jun 17

    If your still looking for a player i am available. I play 1st/3rd and pitch. My number 720-317-5641
  • Danielle replied Wed, Jun 21

    I'm available to play after July 7th. I like playing first base best but will play outfield too. My number is 808.280.1123 if you need a player.
  • Stephen replied Thu, Sep 21

    Hi, my gf and I are looking to join a team. We play several sports. Mostly just for fun! Let me know if you need two more on your team! 405-922-6325
  • Justin replied Thu, Jan 11

    Jason, if you are still needing players I am ready to get on a team and get back to playing. you can contact me at 918 814 1172
  • Jeradiah replied Sat, Jan 27

    Jason looking to get on a team. Iā??m from Seattle and hating leave my team cause of work. I coached for the team for 10 yrs or so. Looking to play and have fun. Feel free to call 4252892662 or if you know any team looking I want to get on a team!!
  • Jeradiah replied Sat, Jan 27

  • Jason replied Sun, Jan 28

    Hi Jeradiah, thanks for the reply. I got your message and yes we are taking players still. The season just started, so your timing is great. We use sportsvite for our schedule and so I know who is in and out. I'll add you to the team and give you a call later to go over the details.
  • Ashlynn replied Mon, Feb 19

    Hi there!! My name is Ashlynn, my wife and I moved to Honolulu in the summer and have been talking about joining a softball team and I think we have finally gotten to the point where we are settled and ready to start playing. Do you have openings for 2 female softball players? Also how many players do you keep on your roster at a time? We moved here from Columbus, Ohio where we played on several softball teams each summer.

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