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Posted Tue, Jul 10 by Jon from Mililani, HI in Teams and Groups / 25 replies

  • Building a volleyball team.
    The purpose is to form a group of players to have fun and play competitively at the same time.
    Looking for people with volleyball experience who are willing to play 2-3 times a week.
    This is not a "locals only" crew. We gladly welcome anyone who can play to come out and join us.

    You MUST have experience in playing volleyball otherwise the game drags to a crawl.
    If you have played "jungle" ball for 5, 10, 20 years or more you are an inexperienced player and this isn't for you.
    "Experienced players" are those that play/played at the college, club, league and some high school level.

    We play on an OUTDOOR court at Kipapa Park in Mililani.
    We'll start at 6:30 in the evening till 9:40pm.

    We have teenagers who play alongside us as well so please NO profanity, NO alcohol and NO attitude. Shoes are a must.
    All players are notified via text messaging usually a few hours before we play.

    IMPORTANT: ALL players MUST respond indicating whether they are coming or not.
    Responding gives courtesy to everyone involved so we know how many players are attending for the benefit of those that must travel from further away.

  • Louanne replied Tue, Jul 10

    Please please let me play some volleyball. I have been playing volleyball since I was 15 yrs old. After high school I played recreation volleyball that was competitive. I have been out of playing volleyball for about a year, so I might be a little rusty :)

    Please let me know if u are still looking for players would love to see if I mess well.
  • ROW replied Tue, Jul 10

    I'm interested in playing volleyball. Like @Louanne, I haven't played in a while but definitely interested! Let me know how to sign up!
  • Jon replied Thu, Jul 12

    Hey guys, We'd love for you both to come out. We are rebuilding so I'm hoping to get a few more people involved so everyone can have fun. I just need a contact number that can receive text messages. You can send the contact information here: For security concerns, please do not post your numbers on the bulletin.
    Thank you
  • Keiki replied Tue, Jul 24

    Hi Jon my name is Keiki and I am an experienced player looking to play with other experience players mostly to get back in shape and of course to have fun. Can I still join???
  • Louanne replied Wed, Jul 25

    So I take it we are needing more players.i am hoping we get some soon. Itching to play
  • Kailen replied Sat, Jul 28

    If you still needs players I'd love a chance to play I haven't played in months but I really miss it. I haven't really been able to find anywhere to play since I have been in Hawaii! I played in college and have coached high school so I am experienced :) Let me know if I can play!
  • Louanne replied Sun, Jul 29

    Well Jon it looks like we have enough people to make a team. Any idea when we can all get together?
  • monnaie replied Tue, Jul 31

    WWell I would like to play if you still need players:
  • Louanne replied Tue, Jul 31

    Well if anybody is interested I am thinking who ever shows up we just play around nothing serious just for fun. If any body is interested let me know.
  • Louanne replied Fri, Aug 3

    If anybody wants to play this Sunday at 1230 come and join me and monnaie at the kipapa park.
  • joe replied Sun, Aug 5

    I would love to play some pickup volleyball. I have been playing for a long time. let me know. I can pretty much play any position but prefer setting.
  • Todd replied Sat, Aug 11

    Hi Jon, and everyone else. I respect that you don't want to compromise your game with some rec players, but could you please point me in the right direction? I've played in a couple rec leagues and live in Waialua. It's hard to find much of anything up here, however a commute to Mililani would be fine, Town would be a stretch. If you all have any "lax" days where rec players are welcome, please let me know.

    Also, I'm interested in purchasing a beach volleyball net. I went to Sports "Authority," and the two they had were mediocre at best. Any recommendations on where to buy a net here on Island? I'm scoping the 'Park & Sun TS-2MS Spectrum 2000' on Amazon. Lastly...I never see any nets set up on the North Shore beaches, they are allowed right?? I would hope so, but I'm surprised nobody ever has one set up, and keep meaning to ask a lifeguard. I'm thinking Waimea might be the best one to start a pickup game at.

    Thanks All!
  • Sarah replied Tue, Aug 14

    Jon, are you still looking for players? I am new to the island, live in Ewa. I am looking to play semi-competitive volleyball. I have high school and some club experience as well as a year of coaching at the high school level under my belt. Please email me with info. thanks!
  • BOBBY replied Sat, Aug 25

    Interested joining your vball group. played for a long time. thank you!
  • Louanne replied Wed, Sep 5

    So Jon any luck on playing any time soon?
  • joe replied Tue, Aug 6

    Still looking for players. I am interested. Been playing and coaching for 20 years. Can play any position.
  • Tammy replied Tue, Oct 29

    Im interested in playing been playing since I was twelve, coached club and college volleyball and used to play in beach volleyball tournament. You can hit me up at I live only ten minutes away from Mililani. Thanks.
  • Carl replied Wed, Nov 13

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been playin VBALL since 15 years. I Play All positions on the court. I've played indoor league play in los angeles and open gyms throughout the LA county. Hopefully anyone on here can get back to me sp we can setup up any kind of VBALL play. I've tried MEETUP hawaii but doesn't seem like there's no players like in this site. If ya down to play please contact me at...
    and we can hit da hardwood or sand!!
  • Jon replied Wed, Nov 13

    Hi Tammy,
    Sorry this is so late.
    I work for the Navy in Pearl Harbor and haven't been home for a while.
    We had a great team for about 2 years but most who were locals have moved and the other half who were military have transferred out.
    I am wanting to rebuild a team again but due to my work schedule I haven't been able to pursue it.
    I have 2 nets, 3 volleyballs and our court radio. My daughter and her friend are both club and high school players coming off an undefeated season for Mililani high school and have played with us since the beginning.
    I am trying to find someone willing to take the lead in this while I am working and run a team.
    We play at Kipapa Park in Mililani.
    Its an outdoor court with 2 volleyball courts.
    If you are interested please let me know.
    My number is 808-341-9171.
    I have all the gear. Just need to rebuild a team and there may be a few locally from our old team that might still want to go at it again.

  • Courtney replied Sun, Aug 24

    If anyone is down for doubles beach vball (competitive) email me. I know it's a drive but I have access to the outrigger canoe club court. I played high school and college, havent played in about a year and I want to get at it again.

    Email me if you're interested
  • Dex replied Thu, Sep 11

    I'm an experienced player and have played on the Float Serve Tourneys in CA. You can reach me at Thanks.
  • Ronnie replied Tue, Jun 13

    Hello everyone! My husband i just moved here from Florida where we used to play beach volleyball regularly (2 on 2 and group). We would love to join a fun, competative group. You can reach me at Thanks so much!
  • Mary Claire replied Fri, Dec 29

    Hi Folks,

    Any luck on this?? I've been looking for open gym since I moved to this side. I played ball since I was 7 and also played collegiately.
  • Kendall replied Wed, Jan 17

    Hey jon are you still looking for players? Iā??ve played in high school.
    But the last time I played was in high school. I might be rusty. Iā??ve been
    Dying to play! Been having a hard time trying to find a team. But please let me know
    I like playing defense but Iā??ve played all positions.. I was a opposite hitter in
    High school.
  • Kendall replied Wed, Jan 17

    Oh you can contact me on my email
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